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PoSoCoMeS CfP for MSA Warsaw

Here is our group's call for panels for the MSA's annual conference in Warsaw (5-9 July 2021).

You can also find it on the MSA website, along with some other groups' calls, at https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/conference.../

See you in Warsaw!

PoSoCoMeS call for panels for Warsaw

The MSA’s 2021 conference will take place in Warsaw. MSA Poland, the MSA Regional Group for South-Eastern Europe and the Genealogies of Memory programme of the European Network Remembrance of Solidarity will be actively involved. Thus there is no point in PoSoCoMeS to act as representative or coordinator of East European memory studies. Instead, our group will focus squarely on comparative memory studies. For the PoSoCoMeS stream in Warsaw we will only consider entire panels (not individual papers). Each panel submitted for the stream should meet the following requirements:

– The papers in the panel must discuss memory in at least three different countries

– Ideally, at least one of those countries or regions must be outside the former Soviet Union and the socialist countries of Central and Southeastern Europe.

– At the very least, the countries should not all be from the same region.

Thus a panel comparing the memory of socialist movements in Namibia, Nicaragua and Poland would be extremely welcome. And a panel with papers on war memorials in Belarus, Croatia and Slovakia is still a better fit than one on Yugonostalgia in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

All panels must be submitted through the regular conference submission system (ticking the box for PoSoCoMeS working group submission). Please send a copy of the confirmation message to posocomes@gmail.com with a request to include the panel in our stream. You are also very welcome to discuss your ideas with us at an early stage, and ask us to suggest additional panelists if you are missing a paper in your panel.

A limited number of panels will be included in the stream, but those not included will still be considered for the regular conference programme.