Announcement: MSA conference in Seoul (3-7 July 2022): call for submissions

NB. The MSA has extended the deadline until 5 February, so panel / paper proposals are still welcome!

In 2022, the Memory Studies Association’s annual conference will take place in person at Sogang University in Seoul (Republic of Korea) on 3-7 July. PoSoCoMeS, the MSA’s working group on post-socialist and comparative memory studies, is calling for panel and roundtable submissions for its stream at the conference. (A separate online conference will take place on 11-12 July, see here for details.)

PoSoCoMes will only accept panel and roundtable submissions, not individual papers, but we provide a matchmaking table for those looking for additional presenters to form a panel. PoSoCoMeS is the largest and most active working group within the MSA, and thus inclusion in our stream will attract a large audience to your panel. The submission procedure is detailed below. We will consider all panel and roundtable proposals related to the topic of post-socialist memory studies, but particularly welcome proposals with a strong comparative dimension:

Socialism and communism carry very different connotations in different parts of the world. Some associate the terms with murderous state bureaucracies; others with advances in welfare and literacy; others still with persecuted political opposition movements. Accordingly, the memories and legacies of socialism are contested and often at odds with each other, both within societies and across the borders of countries and continents. PoSoCoMeS welcomes panel and roundtable submissions that address the resulting misunderstandings and imbalances or offer general frameworks allowing us to think more productively about the memory and legacies of socialism across continents. Topics might include, but are not limited to, the circulation of people, things and ideas in the socialist world, the memory of post-socialist transformation, state socialist repressions, everyday life under socialism, revolutionary movements or diaspora political communities. Panels or roundtables that have an Asian component are especially welcome.

Submission procedure

The theme of the conference will be Solidarity. The MSA’s general call for papers is available at Submission is open until 15 January 2022 (new deadline: 5 February, 9 am CET). You will need to submit any proposals for the in-person conference in Seoul directly through the online submission system accessible via that page. If you would like your panel or roundtable proposal to be considered for the PoSoCoMeS stream, log in to the submission system and enter all the details (titles, abstracts, bios etc). Then mark your proposal as a working group submission and select PoSoCoMeS from the drop-down menu. This will allow us to read your submission and consider it for the PoSoCoMeS stream.

As you prepare your submission, we also encourage you to send us the details ahead of time at However, note that e-mailing us a proposal does not constitute submission to the conference. You will still need to submit your panel yourself through the online submission system.

Travel funding. The MSA has promised to make available a limited number of travel grants for low-income presenters; however, no details are available at the moment. PoSoCoMeS is likewise exploring funding opportunities, especially for scholars from Central European and post-Soviet countries. Any relevant information will be posted on as soon as it is received. For the time being, however, please assume that you should only apply for the in-person conference in Seoul if you have a realistic prospect of securing travel funding through your own channels.

Working & regional groups online conference, 11-12 July

The online conference will be jointly organized by the MSA’s working and regional groups, separately from the main in-person conference in Seoul. PoSoCoMeS will organise two panels on the memory of the 1990s, see our separate call for submissions.

As every group is limited to two panels, we are afraid we cannot consider additional panel submissions for the online conference. However, PoSoCoMeS organises a rich programme of regular online events, such as our online seminar series. Proposals for that series or for one-off events, both offline and online, are always welcome at