PoSoCoMeS panels at the MSA (online) conference in Warsaw, July 2021


This is a list of the panels in the PoSoCoMeS stream, in alphabetical order.

For the exact times of each panel, please see the official schedule (for registered conference participants only) or our own calendar of events.



Book discussion panel: The Past Can’t Heal Us: The Dangers of Mandating Memory in the Name of Human Rights by Lea David (in collaboration with the Critical Thinking about Memory and Human Rights working group)


Panel: Chernobyl Mon Amour – The Travelling Memories of Nuclear Disaster

Convenor: Boris Nordenboos

Participants: Karena Kalmbach, Alexander Berlov, Boris Noordenbos, Maja Vodopivec, Rachael Hutchinson


Panel: Explosive Convergences. Popular Memory Images in Current Political Conflicts (Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland)

Convenors: Matthias Schwartz, Nina Weller, Heike Winkel

Participants: Felix Ackermann, Anika Walke, Alexey Bratochkin, Roman Dubasevych, Nina Weller, Matthias Schwartz, Heike Winkel


Panel: Online Nostalgia – Yearning for the Past via the New Media

Convenor: Daria Khlevnyuk

Participants: Mykola Makhortykh, Lena A. Hübner, Katharina Niemeyer, Ola Siebert and Maria Silina; Roman Abramov, Kirill Molotov, Ekaterina Klimenko, Milica Popovic


Panel: Recalibrating the 1970-90s Transitions: Contested and Transforming Memory-scapes

Convenor: Ksenia Robbe

Participants: Ioana Luca, Lana Lovrenčić, Kostis Kornetis, Ksenia Robbe, Gruia Badescu, Simon Lewis


Panel: (Re-)Claiming Names: Investigations in Practices and Politics

Convenor: Heike Winkel

Participants: Lars Breuer, Anna Furman, Alexandra Polivanova, Olga Rosenblum, Heike Winkel, Matthias Schwartz


Panel: The Memorial Wars in the Post-Soviet Space
Convenor: Aleksey Kamenskikh
Participants: Oksana Dovgopolova, Aleksey Kamenskikh, Elmira Nogoibaeva, Lia Dostlieva, Olga Lebedeva

Panel: The Visual Analysis of History Textbooks

Convenors: Mischa Gabowitsch, Anna Topolska

Participants: Mischa Gabowitsch, Anna Topolska, Jarema Drozdowicz, Lourdes Hurtado, Laura Galián and Luz Gómez


Panel: Transgressions of the ‘Post’: Art Forms and Embodiments

Convenors: Andreea Mironescu and Simona Mitroiu

Participants: Andreea Mironescu, Irene Sywenky, Katarzyna Kwapisz Williams, Justyna Tabaszewska, Ksenia Robbe