Even though the conference has been moved online, it will keep its Moldovan & Romanian flavour. Every day of the conference features at least one event related to Moldova and/or Romania. These include a film screening, a reading, conference panels or individual papers on Moldovan/Romanian themes as well as contributions by scholars from Moldova or Romania. In order to help you compile a Moldovan/Romanian schedule, relevant events have been highlighted with a Moldovan 🇲🇩 and/or Romanian 🇷🇴 flag in the programme. (Please note that some browsers are unable to display these flags and you will see the abbreviations MD or RO instead. In that case, try using a smartphone to open the page.)

In addition, the Institute of Oral History has specially commissioned two video tours that touch upon local memory issues: see below. The video tour of Old Orhei is in Russian with English subtitles that can be turned on and off.